About Us

Since 2003 the Gifted Lighthouse Outreach and Crusade has served as a gospel outreach within Celestial Church of Christ UK and Canada Diocese under a name Ala-se-yori until it recently changes. The change came through as a new direction and dimension with an inspiration from God into a broader context in reaching out to every potential gifted young fearing God people who are losing insight into their gifts as a result of negative forces or environment forces. The Gifted Lighthouse Outreach is also very much involved in the community providing support, revival outreach, evangelism, friendship meetings, awareness program, etc. aim at refocusing God gifted young ones.


Our Mission

Gifted Lighthouse Outreach and Crusade was formed to engage young people with different gifts and talents through mentoring programs and activities that would help promote self realization and actualization of their gifts/talents. Part of these programs and services would provide, energise and develop young gifted minds the leadership characteristics and capabilities they need to maintain their gifts, differentiating between gift/talent and hobbies or interest and to build the courage to explore their gift and talent within the Nigerian-Canadian Christian community home and abroad. Part of G.L.O intension in empowering gifted young minds and less privilege individuals starts in our churches and communities through education, self esteem, power and courageous tailor program, mentoring program with gifted sharing spiritual topic that boost self confident. Such as follow:

Teaches of Christian values
Training and Mentoring programs (HS.P.L.F)
Spiritual awareness, entertainment and social programs

Our Goal

G.L.O intends to work in conjunction with various Christian foundations, national network of Nigeria/African organizations, Christian organizations, churches and other organizations that promote events and programs that benefit the Nigerian-Canadian  communities in gift/talent realisation and actualization such as in form of round-table discussions, mentoring workshop, talent workshop, Christian gathering discussion, gift and gifted building initiatives and conferences to develop and increase a community of Gifted-talented individuals, groups and future leaders. Furthermore, through sponsorship solicitation and fundraising activities, the G.L.O will be able to offer scholarships, monetary assistance and donate gifts to many worthy gifted individual, group, charities and organizations.

Originator of Gifted Lighthouse Outreach and Crusade

Snr Evangelist Olorunfemi Ezekiel. Olufowose is the founder and originator of Gifted Lighthouse Crusade and the Shepherd in charge of Celestial Church of Christ Adalemo Parish 1 Sango Ota. So also Snr Evangelist Femi holds an (MBA) master’s degree in business administration from the University of Hull, United Kingdom and he also holds a BS.c Hons degree from the University of Lagos, Akoka. Snr Evangelist O. E. Olufowose is a devoted Christian, author and a lover of gospel music with an album release in 2007 titled Alaseyori—meaning “an overcomer” and a book release in 2010 titled the four principle toolsa study to show you are approved to walk with God. It is to God’s glory. Snr Evang Olorunfemi E. Olufowose has worked with other denominational pastors, authors, gospel musicians and several gifted men of God in the past in moving forward the Gospel teachings of God, and his interest in Crusade, outreach, Christian write-up, research, books, etc., was raised high right from his youth days through his father, Sup Evang J.I Olufowoshe who lectured at the Celestial Bible Institute for many years, and his mother, a devoted Christian..